Position Papers

Jesse Josua Benjamin, Claudia Muller-Birn, and Rony Ginosar – Towards Mediation of Meaning in Algorithmic Systems


Hao Fei Cheng, F. Maxwell Harper, and Haiyi Zhu – Designing User Interfaces to Help Non-Expert Stakeholders Understand Decision-Making Algorithms


Catherine Grevet Delcourt – The Singularity as a Social Computing Issue


Fernando A. Delgado – Searching for Models: Collaboration and Participation in Algorithmic Ecosystems


Desmond Dinkins et al. – Using Participatory Approaches to Uncover Privacy Norms With Marginalized Communities


Daniel S. Griffin – Participation and Power through Algorithmic Imaginaries


Aaron Halfaker and Stuart Geiger – Community Literacy of Machine Learning: Engineering practical support for participatory design and auditing


Leah Horgan and Sanna Ali – Who Defines Hate? Algorithmic Detection of Hate and Extremism


Ian G. Johnson – Participation as Collaboration: The Case of Data-driven Policymaking


Michael J. Lee – Participation and Algorithms in an Online Educational Game


Elijah Mayfield and Alan W. Black – Constraining Decision-Making Over Time with Categories and Policies


Samir Passi – Collaboration as Participation: The Many Faces in a Corporate Data Science Project


Alessandro Piscopo – Wikidata: A New Paradigm of Human-Bot Collaboration?


Morgan Klaus Scheuerman and Jed R. Brubaker – Gender is not a Boolean: Towards Designing Algorithms to Understand Complex Human Identities


Preeti Srinivasan and Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch – React, Share, Tweet: Re-defining Engagement in the Social Media Landscape


Ruotong Wang, F. Maxwell Harper, and Haiyi Zhu – How Self-Interest Affects Perceived Fairness of Algorithmic Decision Making


Adam Wight – Enriching judgment as a new dimension in Wikipedia


Lei (Nico) Zheng and Jeffery V. Nickerson – Understanding the Algorithmic Nature of Human Behavior by Analyzing Interactions in Wikipedia