Important Dates

Sept 28: Position Papers Due - submit by sending your position paper to

By Oct 5: Notifications of acceptance

By Oct 19: Position papers are posted to the workshop website

Nov 3: Workshop takes place ahead of CSCW’18 in Jersey City, NJ

Call for Papers

Those interested in participating in the workshop are asked to submit short position papers (2-4 pages in ACM-Extended Abstracts Format) dealing with the topic of participation in contemporary social computing systems. The themes mentioned below are meant to generate discussion and provoke ideas to be explored throughout the workshop. Position papers can focus on one or more themes, but we also welcome perspectives that more broadly address any topic of interest to the workshop agenda.

Workshop Themes

Who? – Who are stakeholders in algorithmic ecosystems? What are the “stakes” held in data-driven, algorithmic ecosystems and what are the politics and power dynamics amongst stakeholders?



What? – What does it mean to “participate” in algorithmic ecosystems? Has the nature of “participation” changed, particularly in large-scale, “Big Data” systems?



How? – How do we include stakeholders into the design of data-driven, algorithmic systems? How is “participation” measured and evaluated? By whom? What forms of gatekeeping or barriers arise? What tools and techniques are needed to enable participation?



Where? And When? – Where does participation take place? And when? Do algorithmic ecosystems require us to re-think notions of participation as synchronous, time-bounded events?



Why? – How might different cases and domains invoke different incentives (i.e., what types of market incentives operate in “free” platforms as opposed to enterprise software)? What are the pros and cons of allowing stakeholders to participate in the algorithmic ecosystem?